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Adult Training Team

Our adult training team provides an awesome opportunity for adult climbers of all skill levels to train, improve, and even potentially compete in a motivating and supportive atmosphere. By climbing, conditioning, and learning and applying technical skills in a team environment, adult training team members can expect to improve their performance much faster than they could on their own.

Adult Training Team membership fees are paid on a monthly basis just like regular gym memberships, and there is no commitment required beyond the first month of pro-rated team membership fees - you can freeze or cancel your monthly adult training team membership at any time and go back to being a regular gym member or a day pass customer. We currently offer the following training programs for our adult training team.

Boot Camp

Want to escape the after-work crowds at other gyms and get serious about your weekly training routine? Our adult Boot Camp program is structured around an eight-week training cycle that runs continuously all year long on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Participants can sign up anytime during an existing training cycle, and expect to work through a series of eight to ten individual boot camp stations during each practice guided by our elite coaches. The boot camp stations change every practice, so you won't get bored. And whether you are a boulderer or a roped climber, you will reap the benefits for all types of climbing - we guarantee it!

Rodney's Power Hour

Ready to amp up your fitness during your normal lunch hour? Sign up for our mid-day Power Hour program led by Progression's Founder, Rodney Biddle, and you will be freakishly strong and fit in no time. This mid-day program offers a full body, regimented, 90-minute workout session that focuses on climbing technique, power, endurance, balance, and nutrition. Rodney is super-strong, and he takes a weird pleasure in getting other people supernaturally fit and gorilla-like. Don't miss this great opportunity to train with (and learn from) one of the strongest and fittest climbers around!


programs for everyone

Whether you are new to climbing, or just looking for some new ways to tune up your technique and training, we’ve got you covered! Our elite climbing coaches have the experience and training to help you learn the basics, or take your climbing to the next level.

Introduction to Climbing Package

New to the sport of rock climbing? Our beginner’s package includes our two-hour Introduction to Bouldering clinic, plus a two-week membership to the gym with free shoe and chalk bag rentals during each visit while your two-week membership lasts. Our Introduction to Bouldering clinic covers basic climbing skills, techniques, and terminology with an emphasis on safety and fun. Once you’ve completed our intro clinic, you can come back and climb as many times as you want for the duration of your two-week membership!$25 per person, including a single day pass

Women's Bouldering Clinic

Ladies – this one’s for you! The incredible Joy Cox carefully constructs a workout that focuses on precision, balance, and flexibility. This two-hour clinic covers beginner and intermediate bouldering techniques while focusing on the sport of bouldering from a woman’s perspective. Come learn how to improve your climbing skills in a supportive environment. Joy will provide tips on how to improve your strength-to-weight ratio too!Free for members / $5 for non-members + $10 day pass, maximum 10 participants

Advanced Bouldering Clinic

Ready to take your climbing technique to the next level? This two-hour clinic is for experienced climbers who want to hone their personal climbing skills and learn advanced bouldering techniques. During the clinic, our elite climbing coaches will analyze your movement and provide specific feedback and training advice to help you achieve your climbing goals.$20 for members / $30 for non-members, maximum 10 participants

Power Endurance Clinic

Are you ready to get strong? Sign up for our two-hour Power Endurance Clinic and learn specific training techniques to develop both power and endurance. This is your ticket to rapidly improved performance for all types of climbing, including everything from the shortest boulder problems to the longest multi-pitch trad routes. Remember – without power, there is nothing to endure!$20 for members / $30 for non-members, maximum 10 participants

Personal Training

At Progression, we are excited to offer a serious personal training program for those climbers who are looking for individualized coaching and instruction. On an hourly basis, one of our elite coaches will analyze your current climbing abilities and develop a personal training program tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses. Generally, each private coaching session will include specific training practices for climbing such as technique drills, strength drills, hang-board workouts, and campus boarding. In all cases, your personal training program will also include a strength-based injury prevention and weight training plan.Call for current rates


hang out every week

Weekly Meetups

Whether you’re new to climbing or a seasoned veteran, this group is here to help you get linked into a community of great people who enjoy having fun, meeting new people, and challenging themselves.

Never climbed before? No problem! The staff members at Progression are more than happy to show you around and give you a brief introduction to get you started. We have intentionally designed and built our gym so that no ropes, harnesses, or other extraneous protective gear is required to start climbing. Our 16-foot high bouldering walls are designed so that you can climb to the top of each wall without a rope and then drop safely onto our state-of-the-art padded flooring system. In short, there is nothing to hold you back at Progression – you can simply show up and climb to your heart’s content! All you need is shoes and motivation. We’ve got the shoes….you supply the motivation!

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for even more challenge

We host friendly bouldering competitions every year. Don't worry if you're not a massive ball of muscle. Every comp has skill categories so that everyone can pariticpate! Keep up with our facebook page and calendar to see when you can enter our next event. Until then, start training at our awesome gym!


balance and harmony

As climbers we understand the importance of both physical and mental strength. Yoga is a natural way to complement the movement and challenges that climbing can present. We welcome you to join our Yoga classes offered in our gym's wellness center.

Ready? Fill out a waiver online today and save time when you check in. See you at the gym!